• Music

    By creating all forms of music and sound art that induces growth, education, freedom of expression and awareness for a better change, which is why we incorporate it with other spiritual philosophies and contemporary applications, as music is known to be therapeutic to our mind, body and soul.

    Soul Movement crew & its community of artists give out full blown live performances that are full of energy and artistic innovations.
    Mostly renowned for our Trip-hip-hop electronic music, we still like to mix other styles of music (LIVE) while merging other forms of art to our shows like you’ve never seen before. We create our own records and beats and can do it for others, offering it as a service together with recording, mastering and training

    Check out our unreleased tracks or connect with us for further information and communication

  • Art

    Every individual we have is talented in their own way, creating all forms of art.
    We act as a foundation for them to help them grow individually and artistically, providing them with the resources they need and support them in their personal journey in expressing that which inspires them while creating a service out of their passion of working in the arts and crafts.

  • Culture

     What we mean by culture is its true definition.
    The ways of life, our beliefs, our psychology, and technology.We aim to inspire, and support the conscious growth of individuals within the areas of the creative arts with a focus to support the community towards growth and sustainability.

    Abundance, Communication, Community,

    Equality, Transformation, Spiritual Activism

    Healing, Love & Life

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